Build for Business Hackathon: Showcase Your Talent, Build a Winning Portfolio

July 1st - 31st(ends in17 days)
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Learn to Code and Build Your Career


Learn the fundamentals of HTML, the building block of the web, and create your first web pages.



Dive into CSS and learn how to style your web pages to make them visually appealing.


Master JavaScript basics and add interactivity to your websites with dynamic scripting.

Tailwind CSS

Master the modern utility-first CSS framework and streamline your web development workflow.


Discover React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and create dynamic web applications.


Explore Next.js, a powerful React framework for building server-side rendered web applications.


Learn Node.js, a JavaScript runtime, and build scalable network applications for the web.


Learn MongoDB, the popular NoSQL database, and how to use it in your web applications.


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We can't wait to see what you'll build 👋🏽